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Bioscript Data Insights

Empowering evidence-based decisions in complex, competitive environments 

Our Bioscript Data Insights (BDI) capability integrates data and analysis into our strategic recommendations, to enable you to act with agility.

Cutting-edge data insight and analysis

Combining specialist knowledge and tech-enabled methods, we empower and measure the impact of your communications. We can provide bespoke data insights based on your communication planning needs, as well as established tools including: 

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Publication planning
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Congress engagement
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Expert engagement planning

See how BDI was deployed to help build a Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) business case for senior leadership.

Case Study

Deploying BDI to help demonstrate return on investment and build an MSL business case for senior leadership

The challenge

We partnered with the global medical affairs team at a biotech company. The team sought to secure additional budget to hire MSLs in three new territories, and to do so, wanted to accurately assess the impact and resonance of the team’s efforts.

Doing so would support budget discussions and enable investment in the team’s research and communications activities.

The solution

We worked with the medical team to apply BDI’s measurement capabilities, to quantify and qualify the impact of the team’s activities. Creating a comprehensive overview of this, the team was able to present this back to senior management and truly demonstrate the ROI the business received as a result of its efforts.

The result

The measurement-driven overview was fundamental in securing increased budget, thus enabling the business to appoint three MSLs in new territories. By measuring changes in our client’s landscape, we were able to prove their programme was delivering value to the organisation.

Ahead of the American Society of Hematology annual meeting (ASH), we used BDI to create a customised data visualisation of key competitors in attendance, abstracts, topics and themes likely to be discussed, ensuring the client could maximise their time and resources at ASH.  

We cannot thank you enough for these details. We would be delighted to continue routinely aligning. Thanks for taking this on and getting this done so quickly. This is all very helpful for our team. We really appreciate you taking on this last-minute project. We would not have been able to display at ASH without your help!

John Briggs


I appreciate the flexibility of the team to quickly start a new project and the responsiveness and quick follow-ups – excellent collaboration and team within Bioscript!

Senior Manager

International Medical Information

You have really done a great job in explaining the study results and significance in a very accessible way. Perfect for all our expert and non-expert internal folks

Medical Director

Global Medical Communication

A breadth of capabilities

Our global capabilities cover strategic planning, scientific communications, data insights, market access consultancy and regulatory medical writing. This cross-discipline approach means we can help you navigate across internal departments, external stakeholder groups and international markets at pace.

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Streamlining medical strategy and patient access

We bring together scientists, consultants, data analysts, expert writers and market access specialists, to communicate a consistent, compelling value story, ensuring you deliver the right science to the right stakeholder at exactly the right time, so you can bring your teams together behind a strategic proposition that will drive true success.



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