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Beyond SSoV: Using Data Science and AI to Measure the Impact of Scientific Communications

Here at Bioscript Group, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the growing complexity of scientific communications. Making informed decisions from different information sources can be challenging. And as the volume increases, the ability to effectively analyse this information is becoming more complex. To address this, we asked ourselves: ‘How can we better embed data-led insights into your communication effectively?’

Scientific share of voice (SSoV) is a powerful insight, but it isn’t the full story. Insight helps us make deliberate decisions about how we evolve our scientific narrative, to describe clinical and economic value more precisely. At Bioscript Group, we believe effective communication is driven by strong data and insights. It’s why data underpins every element of our work, through our Bioscript Data Insights (BDI).

How does BDI work? Let’s dive into three key themes:

Explore beyond standard SSoV metrics to understand sentiment and context

SSoV is often taken as the standard measure to assess the success of medical and scientific team efforts; however, its ability to inform decision making is limited to measuring volume, not effectiveness.

Imagine understanding not just the presence of your scientific vocabulary in journals, conferences and social media but the significance and sentiment in which it occurred. It would build an accurate picture of what language resonates with the community and inform what additional knowledge is needed to build a clinically relevant narrative.

Bioscript Group combines both traditional SSoV and powered sentiment analysis to help you measure the impact of communications, by making it easier to see key patterns or themes in complex data sets and turning this into a comprehensive, accessible overview.

Going beyond SSoV in this way helps us to truly understand what resonates with our target audiences.

Assess how your scientific story connects with your target audience

At Bioscript Group, we’re focused on helping our clients to deliver the right science to the right stakeholder at exactly the right time. We believe effective communication is driven by being data and insight led, so that you can respond to the audience’s changing needs.

The BDI capability integrates data and analysis into our strategic recommendations, allowing us to navigate complex environments with you more quickly – whether that relates to communication planning, expert engagement, publication planning or congress engagement.

Rapidly integrate insights into your planning process to guide future communication with our established landscaping tools

As scientific communication planning becomes ​increasingly complex, speed matters. We make it easier to see key patterns or themes in complex data sets, and quickly turn this into a comprehensive but accessible overview. By leveraging our tech-enabled tools (KOL Navigator, Pubs Navigator, Events Navigator and other relevant resources) we can quickly integrate data-led insights into your projects.

If you are interested in understanding how Bioscript Group can help you drive planning and measure impact, access our latest perspective here:

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