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Our ESG Policy: A holistic approach to sustainability

The signing of the 2015 Paris Agreement marked a significant milestone in the global commitment to combatting climate change, highlighting the need for collective efforts to create a sustainable future. With an estimated 4.4% contribution to global net emissions, the healthcare industry must introduce sustainable practices into everyday operations to mitigate its environmental impact and meet sustainability objectives.

At Bioscript Group, we recognise the urgent need to address climate change and are committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. We are incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into every aspect of our business. We aim to create a sustainable future and believe in delivering real value to our clients, colleagues and the communities in which we operate with the following initiatives:

Environmental stewardship:

EcoVadis evaluates our sustainability performance, which has consistently improved over the years. As a result, we have been awarded a silver medal that positions us among the top 25% of companies in our sector. As part of our efforts, we developed a sustainable procurement policy and have begun to embed it when working with our suppliers.

  • Carbon footprint reduction: We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a net zero organisation by 2045. We have submitted our science-based targets (SBTs) to the SBT initiative (SBTi) and await verification. With support from external ESG consultants, we are developing a challenging but realistic plan to meet our SBTi and net-zero targets.
  • Sustainable operations: In line with the shift towards sustainable practices, we are working to transition to renewable energy sources, reduce water consumption and implement waste minimisation initiatives. Our offices are designed to be energy efficient with low-energy lighting, motion sensors and smart radiator valves, and we continuously seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Social responsibility

Recognising our employees as our most valuable asset, we have dedicated efforts to enhance our engagement with the workforce and foster an improved working environment.

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I): Our comprehensive ED&I strategy and policy focus on three key areas: attraction, retention and conscious inclusion. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Employee engagement: We maintain open, two-way communication channels with our employees. This includes monthly newsletters, designated Employee Champions representing our workforce, regular company-wide meetings to bring everyone together and share updates on company performance, specialist networks and employee engagement and wellbeing sessions. These initiatives ensure that every employee’s voice is heard.
  • Well-being: We believe in fostering a positive and healthy work environment and organise events to support our employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. These include memberships in healthcare schemes and an annual well-being allowance, a cycle-to-work scheme, virtual Pilates classes and group events such as collective sports challenges and team-building days.
  • Community engagement: We involve all employees in community engagement initiatives, which include supporting local charities and apprenticeship programs as well as working with local schools. Engagement activities help create a sense of community while supporting good causes. Additionally, we donate £50 to employees’ chosen charities on their birthdays, support the Macmillan Coffee Morning and provide employees with a day of leave to volunteer and support a good cause of their choosing.

Governance and ethics

We have undertaken several initiatives to enhance our approach to business ethics, risk assessment and cybersecurity.

  • Business ethics: Our organisation is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics and compliance, with policies and procedures designed to ensure transparency, accountability and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation: A new risk assessment process has been implemented to identify, evaluate and mitigate potential risks that may impact our business and stakeholders. This process ensures that we proactively address challenges and maintain business continuity.
  • Cybersecurity: We recognise the importance of cybersecurity in protecting our data and maintaining our customers’ trust. We have strengthened our cybersecurity infrastructure, implemented stringent data security protocols and achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, demonstrating our commitment to robust internal governance and controls.

Looking ahead

The Bioscript Group ESG policy goes beyond compliance. We recognise that sustainability requires a holistic approach encompassing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, governance and ethics. By embracing ESG principles, we aim to create a sustainable future for Bioscript and help pioneer the pharmaceutical industry’s sustainability objective by contributing positively to our clients, employees and the broader community.    

Want to know more?

We invite you to explore our holistic approach to sustainability in more detail in our 2024 ESG report.

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