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ISMPP EU 2024 Congress: Key Insights and Innovations

The ISMPP EU 2024 Congress in London was a memorable event, marked by engaging discussions and forward-thinking insights. Here are our key takeaways:

  • The growing role of patient authorship: the conference discussed the growing role and ethical complexities of patient authorship, addressing compensation, bias and diversity concerns.
  • AI and patient engagement: we explored the transformative role of AI in understanding patient needs, with exciting developments in AI-generated plain language summaries (PLS) and insight analysis.
  • Future trends in AI: the potential for digital avatars explaining results in a journal article, ‘living figures and protocols’ that our audience can interact with, as well as ‘living publications’ that continuously update to reflect the latest research.
  • How we measure publication success is changing: the session ‘’Making an Impact: What does success look like in publications’’ highlighted the importance of selecting meaningful metrics that ensure you are reaching the right people, affecting real change and generating useful insights. AI has the potential to let us accurately predict publication impact prospectively, as opposed to relying only on retrospective metrics that take years to collect.
  • Broadening the scope beyond PLS: it is critical we explore other innovative publication extenders in addition to plain language summaries. We must continue to consider the needs of our target audience and the formats that are best for those needs.
  • Embracing AI: AI is here to stay, and it’s on us to embrace and integrate it responsibly. The space is evolving rapidly and there is a need for improved transparency and information sharing between all of us.

Thank you to all the speakers, attendees, and organizers for an insightful and thought-provoking experience.

We at the Bioscript Group are excited to be part of this evolving landscape! If you want to discuss more about key insights from this event, please contact us with the code ‘ISMPP’ at and we will get back to you.

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